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Saving your way to wealth is next to impossible using conventional strategies. Many factors such as market loss, inflation, and taxes cause many to fall short.

But there is a well of Untapped Wealth right at your fingertips. This book will guide you toward the quickest, easiest, and most exciting wealth building solutions in today’s complicated financial world.
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• How to Stop Losing Up to $2 Million Dollars;
regardless of how the stock market performs

• The Secret to removing risk from your retirement
strategies that could leave you with more cash than you expected

• What your banker isn’t telling you (and what he tells his uber-wealthy clients)

• The sneaky ways Banks, Wall Street, and the US Government collude to take your money

The Four Vital Questions to Grow Your Wealth: they will change the way you look at saving and growing your money
13 Hidden Wealth Strategies to grow and protect your money

• The ONE underground principle to beat banks, Wall Street, and the IRS at their own game

How to grow IRS Approved tax-free cash flow (it may be the biggest secret in the tax code)

• Why typical financial strategies created unintended consequences, forcing you to drive down the highway of your financial life with one foot on the brake and one foot on the gas, ultimately getting you nowhere

Meet The Author
Matt Kennedy is an author, established wealth management strategist, and inventor of the Integrated Wealth Cycle, a proprietary system designed to maximize wealth potential.

Matt has assisted Americans with their financial services needs for more than 20 years; he helps his clients protect their personal and business assets by teaching them how to evaluate the financial decisions that could be transferring away their wealth. Through extensive education and accurate, thorough calculations and simulations, Matt guides his clients down a holistic financial management path. Using the Integrated Wealth Cycle, he demonstrates to his clients how every financial decision is an important one and has a ripple effect they will feel throughout their entire lives.

Matt says, “Do you want to see how to break free from the status quo and shed popular savings methods that simply aren’t working for most Americans? You will realize why you simply can’t save your way to wealth using conventional models. A better way exists. Let’s get started discovering that better way together.”

Throughout the years, Matt has helped his clients not only save millions of their hard-earned cash but grow it safely and securely. He specializes in working with business owners, surgeons, physicians, dentists, and high-income professionals. Matt earned a Bachelor of Business Communication with a Minor in Management degree from Union University. He holds Life and Health licenses as well as the following FINRA series licenses: 6, 22, 62, 63, and 65.
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